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3 Steps To Help You Write Amazing Networking Emails

While email remains one of the most effective ways to network, it has become somewhat contentious in recent years. This is due to the fact that network marketing emails have been lumped in with extremely aggressive sales emails and, even worse, spam. Unfortunately, as you establish your own networking, you will have to fight against these unfavorable stereotypes. I'll show you how to do it with 3 Steps To Help You Write Amazing Networking Emails, which is fortunate for you.

It will take a little more effort than a single email to create a genuine relationship with a contact. That's why we've put up this step-by-step guide to assist you in increasing your chances of success. It's crucial to remember that the goal of this book is to help you build solid one-on-one professional connections, not to send out hundreds of emails to a group of uninterested business contacts.

This guide is divided into three main steps as follows:

1. Look up their email address (or score an introduction)

The initial step should be to conduct research before sending your first networking email. Although it may appear to be self-evident, you'd be amazed how many people skip through this vital stage.

It could mean the difference between success and failure if you take the time to do some basic research on the person you want to email. Little data like their background, interests, career obstacles, and even communication style could help you craft an enticing email which is what 3 Steps To Help You Write Amazing Networking Emails is all about.

This strategy will not only increase your chances of receiving a response, but it will also establish the tone for the rest of your correspondence. The first thing you should do is try to identify someone who can connect you with the person you want to meet.

Find the correct email address for anybody you want to contact if you don't have a mutual connection. Never, ever use a generic address like ContactName@CompanyName.com.

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2. Find out where they go on the internet.

Investigate where your contact goes when they are online. Do they enjoy Twitter or Facebook? Is the contact more likely to spend time on their own blog or perusing LinkedIn profiles? This information will assist you in learning more about your contact.

To find this information, you can use free email productivity tools like Sidekick. Simply type in the contact's email address, and a pop-up window will direct you to their various social profiles.

You can also delve a little deeper into Google by utilizing search terms like:

Author + First Name + Last Name: This will bring up a list of websites where the contact has written articles.
First Name + Last Name + Blog/Website: Use this combination to see if the contact has a live blog or website.

3. Determine their passions.

You'll be able to check through multiple profiles, tweets, and posts once you know where your contact “lives” online. This will assist you in determining their professional and personal interests. It will also give you an idea of the difficulties they may face.

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