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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid in Network Marketing

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid in Network Marketing: Boldgains' Experience

Over the past few days, I have been inundated with a lot of phone calls, Whatsapp messages, Facebook and Youtube comments urging me to mentor them or teach them how to get downlines. Surprisingly, most of these people have already registered with Boldgains through someone else that is not part of our team.

Therefore, I believe I should address this so that those that are members here and those that are waiting to be registered should take note.

Below are the wrong notions that people have and what to look out for before you register under anyone.

  1. Believing that someone will build your downline for you
    This is a business and therefore, you have to treat it like one. Just like you go out in the morning to your business and work, it should be the same way you need to take this business. You have to be deliberate and conscious in building this business just like you do in your workplace.

Anyone that promises to give you a downline before you register is deceiving you. You have to be part of the team and work together with the team and contribute your own quota to make sure that you introduce people. There are many methods to introduce people to this business even if you are as busy as Dangote.

Yes, you can have spillover which will place someone under you, just like we are having now in our team, but you will make more money when you introduce people directly. If you are part of our team, I will be sharing many ways you can use to introduce people to this business. I am working on training for all our team members which will be available soon

  1. Procrastination
    Some people like to delay and procrastinate before they join or register in a company. That is good but the bad side of it is that the more you wait the more awareness that are being created and the more people are joining also.

At the end, you may join at the lower end when it is a bit saturated and may find out that people you would have wanted to talk to or introduce have heard it from someone else and may have probably registered and therefore it reduces the amount of people that you world have gotten had it been you register earlier.

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Positioning is very important in network marketing. Delay can be dangerous in this business. What I did when I heard about Boldgains was to register with the money that I can risk and watch things unfold. Now that I see that things are looking good, I upgraded to Diamond package. No risk, No reward. Even if you are afraid, why don't you register with the lower package, start marketing and follow up as events unfold, then you can upgrade later.

  1. Joining a wrong Team
    When you hear about any networking business, especially those that are new, one thing you need to do before joining is to find out how vibrant the team that the person introducing you to the business is. Do they have Team building spirit or is it individuals on their own. This business is all about teamwork, no man can do it alone and therefore the team that you belong to determines how far and motivated you will be.

Our team is one of the pioneers in Boldgains International and we stand by our members at all times.

Many people have been asking me to mentor them or to include them in our team's training but it is difficult for me to do so knowing that I have to be responsible for my team because I know what goes on with them unlike the other person which I don't know what goes on there. But like I said before, our training will be unveiled soon.

  1. Regarding it as a side hustle
    When you treat this business as a side hustle, you will not give it all the energy and time that it requires. You have to treat it just the same way you treat your job and business. Map out a time to attend to it, maybe 1hr or 2hrs daily, use that time strictly for this business.

At any opportunity you have, tell people about this business. It is very important that you do so if you see it as a means of livelihood and not just a side hustle

  1. Neglecting the power of social media
    You are always on one social media platform or the other. Why don't you use the opportunity to share the good news about Boldgains International to your friends on social media. Social media is not only for chat but can be used for business.

Some of you here came in as a result of social media posts that you saw and so you can do the same. We will teach you how to use social media responsively so that you will not be banned and you can reach more people.

Finally, lets do what we can to build this business. Just follow along, if you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me or any of the admins and they will be more willing to answer you. We are working on something for different countries and will share it at the right time. We never leave you to walk alone and that is what our team stands for.

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