We have amazing products in the health, beauty and wellness sectors. Our products are effective and optimized to product desired result within a short period of time.

BoldGains International Products?

Cranstem Gold(4 in 1 StemCell Product)

Cranstem Gold

Folic Acid

Folic Acid

Curcuma Ginger Tea

Curcuma Ginger Tea

Realaxing Tea

Relaxing Tea

Meet For Coffee

Meet For Coffee
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LIST OF PRODUCTS(New Registration)

🟠Cranstem Gold ₦32,200 ($60)
🟠Cranberry Bold ₦30,200 ($30)
🟠Folic Acid ₦16,100 ($30)
🟠Relax Tea ₦16,100 ($30)
🟠Ginger Tea ₦16,100 ($30)
🟠Meet4Coffee ₦16,100 ($30)
🟠Perfect Plus ₦16,100 ($30)
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REPURCHASE PRICES(For Registered Member)
🔶 Folic Acid.... ₦8,000  ($16)
🔶 Relax Tea.....₦8,000 ($16)
🔶 Ginger Tea.... ₦8,000 ($16)
🔶 Cranberry Bold....₦18,000 ($16)
🔶 Cranstem Gold....₦18,000 ($36)
🔶 Meet4Coffee....₦8,000 ($16)
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