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How To Write Networking Emails Subject Line

Remember one simple rule as you go through the preparation of sending emails: if the receiver does not open your email, there is no way they will respond. Isn't that a little self-evident? It just serves to emphasize how crucial it is to make a good first impression and that starts from your Networking Emails Subject Line.

This is also why this little but crucial piece of the email warrants its own section. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when crafting a subject line for a networking email:

1. Arouse Some Interest

One of the most popular viral content websites looked at some of their most popular headlines. They discovered that every single headline created a phenomenon known as the “curiosity gap” as a result of this.

This principle can also be applied to the subject lines of networking emails. You have to make it interesting without giving away everything that is in the message. You cannot be very specific, but neither can you be too vague. Doesn't it appear to be simple?

Striking this delicate balance will become second nature to you with practice. Make sure the subject line is still relevant to the content of your email. You must avoid giving the impression that you are playing a game with the recipient.

2. Maintain Natural Format.

Remember when we talked about how awkward it may be to contact individuals you don't know? So, make sure that none of that stiffness comes out in your messages.

People are more likely to open emails that appear to have come from someone with whom they have a close relationship. Most people behave differently when they meet someone they have never met before. This is the incorrect course of action for you.

Instead, compose networking email subject line as if you were sending them to a friend.

3. Keep It Short.

If you do your own research, you'll likely come across some extremely conflicting information about whether the length of your subject lines matters. Don't be duped. Most of the findings of these contradictory investigations have been utterly obliterated by the invention of the cell phone.

Let's conduct a test right now. Take out your phone and check out how emails appear on it. You may have noticed that the topic lines that are lengthier are cut off. This means that a lot of important information – which could influence whether or not recipients open your emails – is missed on the first screen.

Always remember the second rule: would you email it to your friends? Why use full-sentence email headers with prospects if you wouldn't use them with friends? You'll be fine if you apply this logic to your networking email subject line.

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